Pick Your Poison ~ Covers

Just as there is a wide spectrum in the types of adult paranormal novels to read, there are quite the variety of covers to lure you in.

Whether it’s an intense stare, a sculpted body, the promise of seduction, a dark embrace or a seriously kick-ass heroine, sometimes the cover can tempt and tantalize before you even break the spine.

So what’s your poison?

Black and white, chiseled, sexy and sensuous…

Blue and blurry, buff and bitable more your style…

Maybe you like them red hot and ripped….

Or is it the fierce females that catch your eye…

With so many different types of covers to choose from, there’s bound to be one that enticed you over to the dark side.

So, what is your temptation? Dark, cool, hot or fierce?

What kind of cover do you find too irresistible to refuse?


  1. says

    Definitely the bad-ass females on the covers, even bad-ass guys, but with a similar setting as the female covers you’ve posted. I’m not a big fan of the type of grey, blue & red covers you’ve posted & not a big fan of the naked guy covers – the only ones with naked guys I like are Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld covers.

    • Fiktshun says

      I love the bad-ass female covers too. While the others can be alluring, they gave me the impression that they were romance novels with paranormal beings and that’s not always the case.

      Also, back in the day before those eBooks, I’d have felt a little awkward publicly reading a book with a sexy chesty man as nice as those chests are. :)

  2. says

    the very first ones that get my attention are the dark ones…definitely! It’s just something about the black and white that does it for me…and then…comes the fierce women covers…Don’t get me wrong though…I LOVE the hot red ones and the Cool blue ones…but the very first that catch my eyes are the dark ones >.<

    • Fiktshun says

      I do love B&W covers though I still love the kick-ass chiquitas more. I am not a huge red fan, unless it’s hints of red with a black and white backdrop. But of all the covers on the page, I think Hard Bitten is my favorite. :)

      • says

        Oooh! 😀 well out of the ones you posted I’ll have to go with 2 J.. Ward books… first Lover Avenged and then Lover Unbound
        and for the kick-a** XD the last cover for the NH doesn’t work for me as much as the past ones did…so if you go look at the other book covers…I’d say every single one of those…they’re amazing! I really didn’t like them changing the model after so many covers done with the same one…

  3. Ana Lucía says

    I have to say, I don’t like most of the adult covers, with the sexy dudes and scenes explaining exactly what it’s going on haha and neither I like the colors.
    But I like the Night Huntress Series covers (shocking, I know) and all the covers with fierce females.

    I also like the covers for Shifters and Unbound series by Rachel Vincent, they are subtle and with pretty colors.

    • Fiktshun says

      Oh my gosh I haven’t read the blurbs. I’ve actually never picked up one of these books in the store. They lumped them all in with regular romance novels and I haven’t read one of those since I was 12?

      I do love the Night Huntress covers and the Unbound covers. And some of Richelle Mead’s Succubus covers, too. I prefer anything with a purple tone. <3 purple.

      But I have to admire those sculpted abs on Larissa Ione’s series. Don’t know it would have made me buy the book, but it’s definite eye-candy.

  4. says

    Black white and sexual or the female kick ass covers. I love seeing those sexy abs on covers as well as knowing the book has some awesome ass kicking females.

    • Fiktshun says

      Oh the books totally have to have wicked kick-ass chicks. A man with some nice, petable abs is always a plus, too! :)

  5. Emmalee says

    I’ve actually read some of these books, and the funny thing is that I didn’t read them for their covers, I read them because I had already read either YA books by them or a different series. So I can’t say for sure which entices me more, they all have their own allure don’t they?

    So I’ve been reading your YA blog since I noticed you on Rachel Vincent’s page, and obviously this is a newer blog. If you wanted any suggestions on darker books let me know. I started reading the darker stuff along with the YA stuff when I was barely 17, so with 5 years under my belt, I can give you some great reads that you would hopefully enjoy. If you would like to find me on Facebook, my full name is Emmalee Giantomasso. Hope to hear from you!

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