Just as there is a wide spectrum in the types of adult paranormal novels to read, there are quite the variety of covers to lure you in.

Whether it’s an intense stare, a sculpted body, the promise of seduction, a dark embrace or a seriously kick-ass heroine, sometimes the cover can tempt and tantalize before you even break the spine.

So what’s your poison?

Black and white, chiseled, sexy and sensuous…

Blue and blurry, buff and bitable more your style…

Maybe you like them red hot and ripped….

Or is it the fierce females that catch your eye…

With so many different types of covers to choose from, there’s bound to be one that enticed you over to the dark side.

So, what is your temptation? Dark, cool, hot or fierce?

What kind of cover do you find too irresistible to refuse?